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If you would like to be kept informed of the Centre Vlady's activities, please visit the official website which is part of the UACM portal (Autonomous University of Mexico City). Spanish only. Director: Claudio Albertani - Tel. (55) 56 11 76 78

The Centro Vlady is open!

Thanks to the patient work of our friend Claudio Albertani, Vlady's widow Isabel Díaz Fabela and the enlightened contribution of the Autonomous University of the City of Mexico (UACM), the Centro Vlady is open to the public since June, 2007 (see plan). The new institution makes Vlady's archives accessible to the public. 318 notebooks, 245 engravings, 63 oil paintings and 376 drawings are being exhibited. More than a "simple" museum, the Centro Vlady is a cultural space open free artistic, political and philosophical debates on our time.

NOTE: The Centro Vlady is fortuitously located on 63 Goya Street, Col. Insurgentes Mixcoac, Del. Benito Juárez, in Mexico City. Tel. 5543 0538 - ext. 6808

Contact: Claudio Albertani, Centro Vlady Manager: claudio.albertani@gmail.com

Working Session at the Centro: June 22, 2007-07-17
Standing (from left) : Julio Bracho, professor, Claudio Albertani, professor, Jean-Guy Rens, Vlady's biographer, and Mariano Grimaldo, painter
Sitting (from left): Fernando Felix, director of the Centro, Suzy Weissman, Victor Serge's biographer, and Víctor Salomón, painter

The launching of the Centro
Mexico City, June 21, 2007

* * *

Suzy Weissman's speech

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