• Victor Serge Foundation : http://www.victorserge.org/en/vs/
    Biographic and visual information on Victor Serge. Major articles by Richard Greeman and John Manson. Also, information on the times of Victor Serge: the Victor Serge Library and Foundation. See, in particular, Vlady's drawing of the isba of Orenburg, where Serge spent his Gulag years.

    Postal Address:
    c/o 16 rue de la Teinturerie,
    34000 Montpellier, France.
    Contact Person: Richard Greeman
  • Susan Weissman: Victor Serge (The Course Is Set on Hope), 364 pages, Ed. Verso, London and New York, 2001.
    "From the detritus of the disintegrated Soviet Union there seems little worth salavaging for a possible future. Sifting through the ruins, we find a voice that merits rescue - the voice of Victor Serge, a political witness, committed participant, and literary historian." Susan Weissman's book relates the life and work of the great novelist Victor Serge from the Russian Revolution to his death in Mexico (1947). One regret though: she skips over his youth: his debuts in the Belgium socialism, his dubious flirt with the "Bande à Bonnot", his long prison years in Paris and his participation to the Barcelona anarchist uprising in 1917.
  • The Victor Serge Public Library
    Balaklavsky Prospect 4-6-365,
    113639 Moscow, Russia.
    FAX: (095) 292-65-11, Box 8020 'Struggle'.

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